FairHeat’s founder and managing director, Gareth, has more than a decade of experience in the low-carbon energy sector, having established a number of start-up ventures across district heating, utility services, integrated solar ESCOs and biomass.

Prior to FairHeat, Gareth founded the Fontenergy group of companies, which included Insite Energy, a metering, billing and customer care company for customers on heat networks (of which he was also Managing Director), and Guru Systems, which provides smart payment and analytics tools.

Gareth has had access to data on the performance of more than 100 heat networks across the UK, enabling him to see the real-world performance of these systems. He established FairHeat to bridge the expertise gap in the market and deliver the knowledge required to realise the full potential of heat networks in the UK.

Gareth started his career at The Boston Consulting Group, moving on to Linklaters, firstly as Head of Strategy and then as Asia COO, overseeing joint ventures, mergers, new market entry, performance improvement and restructuring.

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