Legacy Networks


For heat networks that have been operational for some time, FairHeat works to deliver continuous network improvements and assist clients with identifying and undertaking change.  FairHeat will help clients put in place adequate monitoring systems, then assist in the change process: identifying potential performance improvements, piloting interventions; and managing the rollout of solutions.

Continuous improvement cycle

FairHeat’s engagement on a poorly performing heat network would typically involve the following process, although individual elements can be delivered on a standalone basis.


Step 1: Ensure adequate monitoring systems are in place
  • Audit existing metering and monitoring systems, with gap analysis
  • Cost assessment for installation of monitoring equipment
  • Manage the installation of plant room monitoring and/or retrofit of dwelling metering
Step 2: Identify potential performance improvements
  • Assess system performance, using metering data from energy centre and dwellings
  • Identify set of potential interventions, with evaluation of potential impact
  • Determine intervention costs
  • Cost benefit report
Step 3: Pilot interventions
  • Monitor pilot interventions
  • Performance analysis, assessment of impact from pilot
  • Obtain contractor quotes for wider Dwelling Intervention works
Step 4: Manage rollout
  • Monitor interventions
  • Performance analysis