Mariota is a highly experienced, trusted policy advisor and senior executive with nearly 20 years advising C-suite Executives, Boards of Directors and Government Ministers in New Zealand regarding strategy, policy, and regulatory matters. He holds conjoint Bachelor Degrees of Law and Heath Science from the University of Auckland.

Mariota has been particularly focussed within delivery agencies creating strategic partnerships, and influencing regulatory change designed to lift social, economic and environmental outcomes across different sectors such as transport, electricity and gas retail as well as building and construction and urban development. A strong believer in collaboration, he has worked with various groups helping to shift regulation to be future focused, fit for purpose, enabling innovation and agility to deliver better outcomes for investors, businesses, communities and creating improved outcomes.

In addition, Mariota held NED governance roles across diverse portfolios of a Charitable Housing Association and as well as a Medicine and Health Device Clinical Trials Research Facility. He has also led engagements and negotiations with businesses, trade ambassadors and diplomats from Europe, China, United Arab Emirates, and Australia.

Mariota brings his experience to a newly created Head of Policy and Assurance role with FairHeat and believes the heat network industry has a critical role to play in helping the United Kingdom decarbonise all heat in buildings, to meet its ambitious net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.